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SodaBlast Your Pool

Over time a swimming pool can be plagued with calcium deposits, rust stains, and other unsightly conditions. Pool tiles are delicate and can only be blasted with certain types of media. Baking Soda is perfect for cleaning pool tiles. It … Continue reading

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Graffiti’s Grim Reaper

Graffiti Removal is one of a thousand easy tasks for the SodaBlaster. Graffiti can make a business look shabby and be a major turn-off to customers, but don’t worry; SodaBlast Systems has got you covered. The SodaBlaster uses patented technology … Continue reading

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A Better Solution for Food Processing Equipment

Over time machinery is bound to get greasy, dirty, and dusty. For most companies this is of little concern. Grease, dust, and dirt aren’t a huge problem when you’re manufacturing ornamental Garden Gnomes. In a food plant, however, these same … Continue reading

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