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Graffiti Doesn’t Stand a Chance!

The guys over at Mid-South Soda Blasting have been doing big business removing Graffiti in Memphis! They’ve even given their SodaBlast Systems SB200 Flex machine a cool paint job to match the Graffiti theme. People are happy to pay to … Continue reading

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SodaBlast Your Pool

Over time a swimming pool can be plagued with calcium deposits, rust stains, and other unsightly conditions. Pool tiles are delicate and can only be blasted with certain types of media. Baking Soda is perfect for cleaning pool tiles. It … Continue reading

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Choose SodaBlast Systems for Maximum Flexibility!

Did you know that the SodaBlaster by SodaBlast Systems can blast with almost any type of abrasive media there is? That’s right, with the SodaBlaster you’re not limited to just Bicarbonate of Soda, you can blast with crushed glass, sand, garnet, … Continue reading

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Boating Industry – Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Many marine cleaning products developed today demonstrate a commitment to clean water. Companies have developed non-toxic based biodegradable boat soaps, which have a minimal impact on the aquatic environment. We’ve also seen the introduction of color safe, oxygen release gels … Continue reading

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