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A Blasting Machine Fit for a King!

Ok, maybe not a king, but a castle! A SodaBlast Systems machine was used to clean up the Gosford Castle in Northern Ireland. This castle has a wild history, it’s been a mansion, a POW camp during WWII, a restaurant … Continue reading

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Choose SodaBlast Systems for Maximum Flexibility!

Did you know that the SodaBlaster by SodaBlast Systems can blast with almost any type of abrasive media there is? That’s right, with the SodaBlaster you’re not limited to just Bicarbonate of Soda, you can blast with crushed glass, sand, garnet, … Continue reading

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SodaBlasting Makes Grease Traps and Grills Like New and Helps Prevent Fires

Any restaurant owner knows that cleanliness is paramount. Improperly cleaned equipment and facilities can affect flavor, ruin your reputation with customers, and even get your business shut down. Cleaning greasy kitchen equipment is no easy task. Over time, build up develops even despite routine … Continue reading

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We have a SodaBlaster™ for every project and every budget. Choose from our 25 standard models designed to meet your SodaBlasting needs. SodaBlast Systems™ is the World’s Largest SodaBlaster Manufacturer. We take great pride in manufacturing the highest quality blast … Continue reading

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