Remove Graffiti and Smoke Damage in One Fell Swoop!

The SodaBlaster works wonders on Graffiti, and it can also be used to strip cars, remove fire and smoke damage from brick or wood, and even remove water and mildew stains from masonry. The guys over at Mid-South Soda Blasting are proving it. Wherever they go with their SodaBlaster ends up being a lot nicer looking. Look at this burned, smoked and graffiti’d building they restored.

The best part is that Baking soda is environmentally friendly, in fact, it’s even edible! Some contractors are using this non-toxic cleaning method to make money cleaning food processing equipment. Bicarbonate of Soda is definitely the most versatile abrasive, and SodaBlast Systems has pioneered the machines that blast with it. Clog free, trouble free, made in the USA, lifetime warrantied machines can be found at

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