Clean Green Business Machine

If you’re thinking about going into the cleaning or paint stripping business, why not choose the machine that can do it all? The SodaBlaster gives you the ability to do a whole range of jobs in various industries. That’s because it can use any type of media, both wet or dry. So if you need to remove smoke damage from a building structure, use soda. Quickly remove graffiti from a brick wall? Use recycled bottle glass. Need to obliterate a 25 mil 5 part zinc epoxy from the hull of a steel ship? Use garnet. Cleaning food processing equipment? Use baking soda either dry or with a wet head adapter.

The SodaBlaster uses a unique and patented feed system which prevents clogs and allows maximum flexibility when choosing media types. Additionally, you have the ability to adjust pressure and media flow independently! Our contractors love the flexibility because it ultimately lets them do more jobs and make more money. For more information on how the SodaBlaster can make you money visit our website at, be our friend on Facebook at or give us a call, at 800-727-5707!

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