Fastest Way To Remove Graffiti

Every business owner knows that the appearance of their building is important for attracting customers. Graffiti is one of those nuisances that can negatively affect a business.

Social studies have shown that the most effective way to prevent graffiti is by removing it as fast as possible. There are different psychological theories as to why this is, but likely it’s the simple fact that if a graffiti “artist” sees his work get immediately destroyed, he will be discouraged from putting forth the effort in the future.

Another possibility is that humans tend to adjust our behavior depending on our surroundings. In an environment where people are being calm and reserved, such as a library, we tend to do the same. In an environment where people are having fun and being loud, such as a party, we usually follow that behavior as well. One study proved that if there is graffiti in a alleyway, people in that area litter more often. But if the same area is free of graffiti, people litter less. They also found that people would steal an envelope full of money from a mailbox with graffiti on it, but far fewer people would steal the same envelope from the same mailbox once the graffiti was removed. Fast graffiti removal can help keep an area from from social degradation, and there’s no faster way to remove graffiti than the SodaBlaster.

In fact, the city of Chicago has several soda blasters removing graffiti routinely to combat the problem. Baking soda is safe on multiple surfaces, obviously brick and concrete but also softer materials like wood and masonry. It’s also environmentally friendly  and dissolves away in the rain. To find out how you can start a successful graffiti removal service check out www. or go to

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