SodaBlasting Makes Grease Traps and Grills Like New and Helps Prevent Fires

Any restaurant owner knows that cleanliness is paramount.

SodaBlasting is perfect for cleaning restaurant equipment

Improperly cleaned equipment and facilities can affect flavor, ruin your reputation with customers, and even get your business shut down. Cleaning greasy kitchen equipment is no easy task. Over time, build up develops even despite routine and thorough clean up. Grease and charred food can be extremely difficult to remove using regular cleaning methods. Soda Blasting, however, safely and easily removes build up from any kitchen surface or equipment.

SodaBlasting can restore your equipment to like new condition, potentially saving thousands over purchasing new equipment. Additionally, the SodaBlasting process is completely safe, as our baking soda is USDA and FDA approved. It is also both edible and Kosher, meaning it poses no threat of contaminating food like soaps or degreasers can.


Aside from the risk of not passing health codes, excessively greasy grills and grease traps can easily catch fire. Grease traps are, in fact, one of the highest causes of fire.

SodaBlasting is the easiest way to prevent fires, comply with health codes and keep your equipment looking new. For more information on SodaBlasting check us out on the web at or give us a call at 800-216-7632.


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