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Fire Restoration and Mold Remediation

There are many options when it comes to fire restoration and mold remediation and SodaBlast Systems offers a fast, safe and eco-friendly solution. A good contractor will help you understand what you need and explain thoroughly how sodablasting works. A … Continue reading

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Graffiti Cases Make Headlines

We’ve noticed a number of stories have emerged lately about graffiti cases around the U.S. Are cases of tagging actually going up or are we reporting on it more? Either way, it’s a disturbing trend that can and should be … Continue reading

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American SodaBlasting Association – Misleading, Scam “Organization”

Where does one turn to get information? We’re inundated with scores of information, facts, tips, messages daily from a variety of sources. How do you decipher the truth from fiction? When it comes to the Internet, a.k.a. as the Information … Continue reading

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New Jersey SodaBlaster Finds Success

When Scott Morley stripped a 1967 Dodge Coronet to bare metal in 1989 as part of a restoration project, he fell in love with the eco-friendly process – so much in fact that he now does it for a living! … Continue reading

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Boat Living Includes Preparation, Adventure

Have you ever dreamed of living on a boat, spending lazy afternoons coasting along the waterways, watching beautiful sunsets and visiting new and exciting places you encounter on your journey? The idea to live aboard where you can combine travel, … Continue reading

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Pool Clean-Up Tips

Winter is a good time to clean and restore swimming pools and there are a few ways to remove calcium build-up and do surface cleaning at the same time. Low-pressure soda blasting is an easy and economical process for most … Continue reading

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