Remove Graffiti and Smoke Damage in One Fell Swoop!

The SodaBlaster works wonders on Graffiti, and it can also be used to strip cars, remove fire and smoke damage from brick or wood, and even remove water and mildew stains from masonry. The guys over at Mid-South Soda Blasting are proving it. Wherever they go with their SodaBlaster ends up being a lot nicer looking. Look at this burned, smoked and graffiti’d building they restored.

The best part is that Baking soda is environmentally friendly, in fact, it’s even edible! Some contractors are using this non-toxic cleaning method to make money cleaning food processing equipment. Bicarbonate of Soda is definitely the most versatile abrasive, and SodaBlast Systems has pioneered the machines that blast with it. Clog free, trouble free, made in the USA, lifetime warrantied machines can be found at

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A Blasting Machine Fit for a King!

Ok, maybe not a king, but a castle! A SodaBlast Systems machine was used to clean up the Gosford Castle in Northern Ireland. This castle has a wild history, it’s been a mansion, a POW camp during WWII, a restaurant and now, following its restoration, apartments. Soda Blasting was the perfect way to get it looking new again since it’s gentle enough to not damage the stone, but strong enough to clean away mildew and discoloration quickly.  A video of a bit of the restoration can be seen on our UK website below.

The restoration project was a success thanks in part to SodaBlast Systems machines. MMLJ has been manufacturing top quality abrasive blasters since 1941, and they’re still the only one’s who offer a lifetime warranty on tank assemblies. Learn more about the SodaBlaster at their website:

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Graffiti Doesn’t Stand a Chance!

The guys over at Mid-South Soda Blasting have been doing big business removing Graffiti in Memphis! They’ve even given their SodaBlast Systems SB200 Flex machine a cool paint job to match the Graffiti theme. People are happy to pay to remove graffiti, and even happier when it gets removed so quickly. Check out this news report on Mid-South below:

MMLJ Inc. has been manufacturing abrasive blast equipment for over 70 years, and we’re still the only ones offering a lifetime warranty on tank assemblies. Proudly made in American, right at our facility in Houston, TX. You can trust the quality of SodaBlast Systems. For more info visit our website or give us a call at 800-727-5707.

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Clean Green Business Machine

If you’re thinking about going into the cleaning or paint stripping business, why not choose the machine that can do it all? The SodaBlaster gives you the ability to do a whole range of jobs in various industries. That’s because it can use any type of media, both wet or dry. So if you need to remove smoke damage from a building structure, use soda. Quickly remove graffiti from a brick wall? Use recycled bottle glass. Need to obliterate a 25 mil 5 part zinc epoxy from the hull of a steel ship? Use garnet. Cleaning food processing equipment? Use baking soda either dry or with a wet head adapter.

The SodaBlaster uses a unique and patented feed system which prevents clogs and allows maximum flexibility when choosing media types. Additionally, you have the ability to adjust pressure and media flow independently! Our contractors love the flexibility because it ultimately lets them do more jobs and make more money. For more information on how the SodaBlaster can make you money visit our website at, be our friend on Facebook at or give us a call, at 800-727-5707!

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SodaBlast Your Pool

Over time a swimming pool can be plagued with calcium deposits, rust stains, and other unsightly conditions. Pool tiles are delicate and can only be blasted with certain types of media. Baking Soda is perfect for cleaning pool tiles. It is both gentle and very effective.

Check out the calcium stains removed from this fountain! The SodaBlaster is an excellent tool for pool cleaning, wood furniture cleaning, kitchen equipment cleaning, food processing equipment, graffiti removal and more. We’re the only manufacturer that offers a lifetime warranty on tank assemblies. The original and still the best, SodaBlast Systems can’t be beat!

Call us at 800-727-5707 if you have any questions, or visit our website at

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Choose SodaBlast Systems for Maximum Flexibility!

Did you know that the SodaBlaster by SodaBlast Systems can blast with almost any type of abrasive media there is? That’s right, with the SodaBlaster you’re not limited to just Bicarbonate of Soda, you can blast with crushed glass, sand, garnet, glass beads, walnut shell and more.

And with the SodaBlaster your’re not limited to dry blasting, you can wet blast too. Wet blasting can give you more productivity in some situations, because you can use a harder media than Baking Soda, without warping metal parts. The water acts as a lubricator which prevents friction and the buildup of heat, which is what causes warping.

The flexibility the SodaBlaster provides allows you to do mold remediation, fire and smoke remediation, automotive paint stripping, food equipment cleaning, graffiti removal, marine paint stripping, kitchen equipment cleaning and degreasing, aircraft paint removal, monument cleaning, pool tile cleaning and more. The SodaBlaster is the ultimate business machine. Visit our site HERE or call 800-216-7632 to find out why SodaBlast Systems makes the best SodaBlaster available!

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SodaBlast Systems Erases Smoke Damage

When a home or business catches on fire, the results can be devastating. Even when the fire is stopped quickly, the smoke can sometimes do more damage than the fire does. Smoke goes everywhere, sometimes damaging rooms that the fire never even came close to. Aside from the blackness it leaves, it also leaves a strong odor that is very difficult to remove. Soda Blasting is the perfect solution to cleaning smoke damaged surfaces. It’s gentle enough to use on most construction materials, and as it cleans it also deodorizes.

The once smoke filled attic above was stinking up the entire house, even after the fire damage had been repaired. In this picture, half of it has been blasted. FEMA recognizes the value in Soda Blasting since it enables contractors to salvage structures rather than replace them. This helps out contractors, insurance companies, and property owners. 

Salvaging rather than replacing can save the property owner thousands of dollars, not to mention time and hassle. For a contractor with a SodaBlast System, this means more opportunities to make money. If you’re interested in having a fire remediation business or being able to do any of the other many jobs that the SodaBlaster can do, give SodaBlast Systems a call: 800-216-7632 or visit us on the web at

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Fastest Way To Remove Graffiti

Every business owner knows that the appearance of their building is important for attracting customers. Graffiti is one of those nuisances that can negatively affect a business.

Social studies have shown that the most effective way to prevent graffiti is by removing it as fast as possible. There are different psychological theories as to why this is, but likely it’s the simple fact that if a graffiti “artist” sees his work get immediately destroyed, he will be discouraged from putting forth the effort in the future.

Another possibility is that humans tend to adjust our behavior depending on our surroundings. In an environment where people are being calm and reserved, such as a library, we tend to do the same. In an environment where people are having fun and being loud, such as a party, we usually follow that behavior as well. One study proved that if there is graffiti in a alleyway, people in that area litter more often. But if the same area is free of graffiti, people litter less. They also found that people would steal an envelope full of money from a mailbox with graffiti on it, but far fewer people would steal the same envelope from the same mailbox once the graffiti was removed. Fast graffiti removal can help keep an area from from social degradation, and there’s no faster way to remove graffiti than the SodaBlaster.

In fact, the city of Chicago has several soda blasters removing graffiti routinely to combat the problem. Baking soda is safe on multiple surfaces, obviously brick and concrete but also softer materials like wood and masonry. It’s also environmentally friendly  and dissolves away in the rain. To find out how you can start a successful graffiti removal service check out www. or go to

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Update on the Historical Fairey Gannet Project

As you may know, SodaBlast Sytems  has had the honor of our equipment being used to restore a wonderful piece of aviation history. The Fairey Gannet was an anti-submarine and early warning aircraft in the post World War 2 era. The Fairey Gannet XT752 Organisation has done substantial work to the plane to get it back in the air. They’ve been sending us updates along the way, here are the most recent pictures we’ve received from them.

Undercarriage open, surface prepared for priming.

This primer looks perfect, thanks partially to excellent surface preparation.

Undercarriage door.

The XT752′s wings fold in two places. When the wings are folded, it gives them a very unique Z shape. This is the inside of one of those folds.

This is a 1950′s Aircraft Tug before SodaBlasting…

And after SodaBlasting.

We’re proud to be a part of this historical restoration. Feel free to visit the Fairey Gannet XT752 Organisation website if you’d like to see more updates and details.

MMLJ has been designing and manufacturing the best abrasive blast units for over 60 years. We are the only manufacturer to offer a lifetime warranty on our tank assemblies. For more info, visit, or to see all of our products.

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New Website Launched!

At SodaBlast Systems, we’re constantly improving, evolving and updating our products. Since we constantly update our products, we decided it was about time to update our website as well. This new site is easy to navigate, and the information is easy to locate.

Make sure to check out the top of the site and read some of the real customer testimonials we’ve received! People love their SodaBlaster! And if you have any questions, head on over to the website’s Contact Form and send us your questions or comments.

Feel free to visit our website or call 800-216-SODA and find out why our blasters are the best!

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